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Power Alert Service


“Not having to leave in the middle
of work or be especially concerned about the security of my home, just because CenterPoint let me know
that the power had been out, was a very big benefit.” – Misty


Choose FREE* email, text and/or phone call alerts when your power goes out  


“Bravo, CenterPoint. Bravo. From start to finish, we were kept informed without having to listen to a second of hold music. The notice also included a link to an interactive map of current outages in the city. Remarkable.” – Houston Press blog


“Love that @EnergyInsights is now emailing me when the power is out at home. And just received email that the power has been restored...” – Troy on Twitter


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*Standard text messaging fees may apply.

Smart Grid Benefits

CenterPoint Energy’s smart meters and intelligent grid have reached some big milestones:

  • Executing 10,898,256 electronic service orders (e.g. turn on/off service)
  • Vehicle fuel savings of 1,023,774 gallons
  • Avoidance of 9,098 metric tons of CO2 emissions
  • Restoring power to 1,120,754 customers without a phone call
  • Avoiding 101,330,000 customer outage minutes

Learn more at Smart Meters & Technology.

Sign up for new power alert services


Delivers automatic notifications
when your power goes out

More than 400,000 people in greater Houston are enjoying the benefits of the Power Alert Service and you can too!

  • Quickly alerts you to power outages and provides an estimated time that the problem will be fixed
  • Choose FREE* email, text and/or phone call alerts
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing that we are addressing the problem
  • Keeps you informed with status updates and notifies you when power has been restored
  • Lets you opt out at any time

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*Standard text messaging fees may apply.

 Power & Streetlight Outages
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Power Alert Service
Report a streetlight outage 

To report a power outage call 713-207-2222 or 800-332-7143.

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Electric outage map
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