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With the deployment of advanced meters, if an outage is detected at a premise, CenterPoint Energy is automatically notified. If the outage is the result of a person physically disconnecting the meter without authorization, CenterPoint Energy will dispatch a truck to investigate. Note: 

  • The removal of meters by unauthorized personnel is prohibited by CenterPoint Energy’s Tariff that is approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.
  • Dispatching trucks to unauthorized outages diverts resources from legitimate outage restoration efforts. 
  • Preventing unauthorized disconnection of meters reduces threats to public safety and property. At CenterPoint Energy, safety is our top priority.

Two procedures for meter disconnection have been revised in order to respond to electricians’ requests in a timely manner. 

  1. Install/Remove Lock Band: This type of request is available for 1-phase 120, 120/208, and 120/240 volt service rated at 200 amps and below. If minor work is required on the load-side of the meter (e.g., main breaker replacement) that does not involve a wiring change or can be performed within a minimal amount of time, customers will need to request the Install/Remove Lock Band transaction. CenterPoint Energy will respond to the request within a two-hour time frame (weather and work load permitting) and will, in normal circumstances, stay onsite to re-install the meter. Any other meter type requires a Temporary Disconnect request.
  2. Temporary Disconnect: If repair work is required on the supply-side of the meter, requires an extended disconnection time, or a wiring change or permit, customers will need to request the Temporary Disconnect transaction. CenterPoint Energy will respond to the request within a four-hour time frame (weather and work load permitting). The customer will also need to request a Reconnect transaction. 


  • The electrician will inform the customer which service order to request.
  • The customer must call to request the correct disconnect procedure.  Customers should call either their retail electric provider or CenterPoint Energy, depending on their electric provider’s service order option.
  • If the customer requests the incorrect process, CenterPoint Energy will require the customer to request a new transaction. 
  • At a future date, if CenterPoint Energy dispatches a truck when a meter is disconnected without prior notification by the customer, the customer will be charged a fee and the electrician will receive a written Record of Warning. 
  • The electrician must wait until CenterPoint Energy has completed the service order before beginning work.

  Choose the correct procedure:

If the work performed is: Then customer requests: 
On the load-side of the meter Install/Remove Lock Band
On the supply-side of the meter Temporary Disconnect

QuickFacts: Requesting Meter Disconnects 

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